Introducing The Gospel


It is widely believed that whiskey was first distilled for medicinal use by monks and apothecaries in Scotland and Ireland. The distillation of whiskey evolved as it moved from monastic to secular, as it did with the path of migration over hundreds of years.

Early Scottish and Irish settlers in the USA used rye to make whiskey because barley didn’t adapt to the North American climate. These conditions are also true for the dry climate of Australia, where we set out to reimagine this original American spirit using 100% Australian rye.

We use proven techniques of the world’s most famous distilleries, coupled with the attention to detail that only a craftsman can offer, to create rye whiskey with passion, integrity, tradition and belief.


The Gospel founders Ben Bowles and Andrew Fitzgerald are long term disciples of the craft of distilling. Ben, a South Carolina native, learnt how to distil before he was old enough to drive.

Set in the backstreets of Melbourne’s eclectic inner north, Ben and Andrew designed and built a distillery big enough to match their dreams, but small enough to remain hands on where it matters. With the help of family and friends, the distillery was built over an 18 month period. It features a six metre high continuous column still, designed and built in-house, as well as a bespoke Copper Pot still.

The Gospel wider team are an experienced group of wine makers and brewers, all of whom have a fierce love for deliciously unpretentious rye whiskey.


We are honest, always staying true to and standing up for our beliefs, and we are inquisitive, always seeking to find the truth through discovery and exploration of the unknown.

We are firm believers in community. From the single farmer where we source our rye grain, to the wider hospitality community who have been impacted by COVID, we prop up the communities who support us, and give back to like-minded communities where we can.

Born in Brunswick, Melbourne, culture and creativity is intrinsic to our attitude and weaved in to our spirit. We seek to shine a light on the creative community that inspires us.

Rye, a particularly ornery grain, can destroy the soul of the most resolute distiller. Our unwavering passion for rye, and ability to bend the grain to our will, gives you – drinker, follower, believer, fanatic – a whiskey to be enjoyed.

Whiskey is religion. Rye is The Gospel.