Fanatics: Why They Are Our People

The Gospel name was inspired by gospel music, of which Andrew (Co-Founder) was listening to a lot at the time he launched the brand. The Gospel is also word play for 'the truth', and is more widely known as and linked to ideas of religion and belief. This got us to thinking about cults and uncovering the beauty within a singular shared belief in an otherwise negatively perceived group of people.

The truth weaves its way through all of it (music, religion, cults etc), and what’s left at the end are people who believe in something greater than time and place on earth. These are the fanatics.

Fanatic /fə‘nat.ik/ noun - a person with excessive and extreme enthusiasm in an interest, belief or activity.

Fanatics have a unique access to absolute truth. It is not what they believe that makes them fanatics but how they believe it. Devotion itself is more important than the object of that devotion. There's an unparalleled emotion and connection associated with the shared joy of experience or belief.

We are fanatic about rye whiskey. It is the grain that we live and die by, who we are, how we live and how we breathe. And like us, there are many fanatics and communities that connect around shared obsessions. We are proud to celebrate those who stay true to their own beliefs. Together, we are united in passion but unique in nature.

Through our dedicated journal series, we celebrate true fans and fanatics, sharing their stories and their passions and obsessions. These are our people.

Discover some fanatics below:
-- Andrew Fitzgerald: Wood and Maturation
-- Steve Oats: A Journey Through Whisky
-- David Wadelton: Capturing the Fading History of Inner Melbourne
-- Karl Steven: Collecting Sounds for the Silver Screen
-- Ian Thorn: Our Master Distiller
-- Tom Gibbs: The Colour of Flavour
-- Must See Fanatics Documentaries